CARON: Awakening

C. J. Teahan





One moment, Caron Schreer was focused on driving to an honors band rehearsal. In the next, her car slid over a steep embankment, smashed into the solitary tree below, and suspended any further conscious thought. Within minutes, a jangling phone jerked her mother, C. J. Teahan, to her feet: Her daughter had been in an accident, sustaining a traumatic brain injury.

Please do watch the 74-second book trailer, also on this website.

Read about Caron’s frightening yet fulfilling journey in CARON Awakening, a true story of recovery from a serious head injury, as told by Caron’s mother. For anyone with a loved one spending time in a hospital, this book may lighten your burden of not knowing what you can do, shedding light on some things that you CAN do.